Headquarters Publications

Marigold provides professional quality publications, displays, custom promotional materials and marketing software to promote resources, events and services available at the library or through headquarters. These publications also inform library trustees and local library staff about current issues, trends and news, and are helpful in board orientations and presentations to councils.

A list of Library Acronyms to help you navigate the library world.

Working together for regional success — Get the big picture with the regional systems brochure.

Informs stakeholders about the advantages of belonging to a regional library system.

 Regional Library Systems brochure


Do you know the deadlines for sending certain documents to Public Libraries Service Branch? Do you know when to expect your Service Grant. When is the Member Libraries workshop? The Calendar for local library boards lists quick reminders for the year.

Marigold's eResources at a glance — Take away brochure for patrons has a short summary of current eResources. Marigold staff can print this brochure for member libraries.  

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L2U is a free mail service offered to those who face physical or geographic difficulties in visiting their local library in person. Marigold has been providing L2U service since 1981. This is a valuable component of library service and we are pleased to collaborate with our partners, Shortgrass Library System and Chinook Arch Regional Library System, to extend the service to other areas.

   More about L2U 

Marigold business facts at a glance — Get information on service population, collaborations and financial statistics with the Marigold Fact Sheet

Notes to Council are issued after each board meeting. This report highlights decisions made, policies approved and provides details of local, provincial and nation-wide events and promotions. 

We are excited to present Marigold Library System’s Plan of Service 2023-2025!

Connecting Communities to information, ideas and innovation are at the core of Marigold’s commitment to the people it serves.  This plan represents the collective wisdom of our stakeholders and aims to continually drive improvement in the delivery of services. We look forward to a future full of potential and impactful collaboration with our members to meet the diverse needs of people across this region.