Marigold Board

Policy and Planning:  The Alberta Libraries Act Chapter L-11, the Libraries Regulation and Marigold Library System Agreement authorize Marigold Library System Board to govern Marigold Library System. With that authority, Marigold Library Board assumes the responsibility of developing policy related to framework, governance, advocacy, and operational management of Marigold and of its library service points (community libraries).

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Trustees and Municipalities


Acadia M.D. #34

Maxine Booker, Vice Chair

26 October 1999

Village of Acme

Daniel Leronowich

23 March 1981

City of Airdrie

Natasha Roberts

January 2007

Town of Banff

Manuela Olibera-Dorn

December 2014

Village of Beiseker

Sharon King

28 March 1981

Bighorn M.D. #8


26 March 1981

Town of Canmore

Jennifer MacAulay 

5 March 1987

Village of Carbon

Michelle Lomond

3 March 1981

City of Chestermere

Daina Barbary

March 2006

Town of Cochrane

Christopher Gillespie

11 October 2007

Village of Consort

Michael Beier

13 March 1981

Town of Crossfield

Luke Brennan

1 January 2013

Village of Delia

Melody Christofferson

9 March 1981

Town of Diamond Valley

Ian Huffman

1 January 2023

Town of Drumheller

Margaret Nielsen

27 March 1981

Village of Empress

Kelly Burgess

27 May 1981

Foothills County

Eleanor Chinnick

17 January 1991

Summer Village of Ghost Lake

Corine Smith

7 March 1984

Town of Hanna

Sandra Murphy

23 April 1981

Town of High River

Lynne Thornton

25 February 1981

Village of Hussar

Kristen Anderson

18 March 1982

I.D. 9 

Alexandra Parkinson

Town of Irricana

Teresa Cameron

1 January 1986

Kananaskis I.D.

Manon Miller

12 June 2002

Kneehill County

Faye McGhee

11 March 2006

Village of Linden

Cynthia Klassen

16 March 1981

Village of Longview

Jan Dyck

1 June 1986

Village of Morrin

Alenda Gridley

10 March 1981

Village of Munson

Leslie Landon

27 March 1981

Town of Okotoks

Nicole Kiefuik

March 1981

Town of Oyen

Ed Hogan

18 March 1981

Village of Rockyford

Tyler Henke

March 1981

Rocky View County

Nicholas Wiebe

5 June 2007

Special Area #2

Helen Veno

March 1981

Special Area #3

Elaine Michaels

March 1981

Special Area #4

Jodi Kurek

March 1981

Village of Standard

John Getz, Chair

16 March 1981

Starland County

Lillian Morrison

14 April 1981

Town of Strathmore 

Melissa Langmaid

5 February 1981

Town of Three Hills

Carol Best

11 March 1981

Town of Trochu

Jenny Lyver

2 March 1981

Summer Village of Waiparous

Janine Jevne

13 April 1988

Wheatland County

Amber Link

7 December 2004

Village of Youngstown

Renee Laughlin

8 April 1981