TRAC/Marigold Guidelines & Procedures

TRAC Operational Guidelines

This document is reviewed annually by the TRAC Advisory Council and the TRAC Directors. It contains guidelines for:

  • resource sharing
  • damaged and lost materials payments
  • missing and in-transit items
  • contacting patrons

Questions about the TRAC Operational Guidelines? Contact your Library Services Consultant.

Polaris Reports

There are several reports available to run through the Utilities menu of Polaris deemed to be required, recommended, or useful to Marigold member libraries.

List of Available Reports

Suggested Schedule for Required Reports


SimplyReports is a program which gathers data from Polaris allowing library staff to create custom reports on patrons, holds, and items. SimplyReports provides more in-depth reporting options than are available through the reports section in desktop Polaris.

SimplyReports Quickstart Guide

Managing Lost Materials

These documents provide consistency and meet the needs of all TRAC member libraries. Please contact your Library Services Consultant with questions.

Procedure for Lost Materials (Marigold)

Lost Items Invoice Letter (TRAC/Marigold)

Lost Items Spreadsheet (TRAC/Marigold)

Claimed to Lost Procedure

Switching In-Transit and Transferred Materials to Missing

Items that have been in-transit or transferred for over two months can be manually converted to missing.

Switching In-Transit and Transferred Materials to Missing (TRAC)

Conversion Guidelines

These guidelines facilitate the processing of conversion materials sent to Marigold HQ and expedite the return of items to your library. Please note the criteria for acceptable and unacceptable items.

Collection Codes

View the currently available Collection Codes. You may print off the list to send to HQ to request new Collection Codes or download the file and email your request to your Library Services Consultant.

Notes Procedure (Item Records)

This procedure details how to add notes (public, non-public, physical condition, and free-text) to an item record.

Volume Control Procedure

Volume control provides patrons and staff the option to place hold requests on a single issue of a magazine, single volume of a multipart book, or single disc of a multipart audiovisual item.

Replacement TRAC Card Procedure

Use this instruction booklet when replacing a patron's TRAC library card (does not apply to new patrons).

ME Libraries or TAL Card?

Use this chart to determine which library card(s) a patron requires.

Relais (Interlibrary Loans)

If patrons are unable to locate desired materials through TRAC, they can search for and place holds on library materials at any participating Alberta Public or Academic Library using the Relais Interlibrary Loan service.

Relais D2D (public-facing) 

Relais (staff site)

*Please note that Interlibrary Loan (ILLO) requests may take significantly longer to fill due to the pandemic.

**Relais Procedures Manual available in your Marigold Manual binder or the Common Drive.