ME Libraries Staff Guide

Alberta-wide borrowing is here. ME Libraries lets you join other public libraries across Alberta and borrow their materials using ONE library card. Make the most of your library card and access more items for free!

ME Libraries is a service of Alberta Public Library Network.

ME Libraries FAQs

How Does ME Libraries Work?

When a patron (18+) completes the sign-up steps at, their patron record is automatically copied over to the chosen libraries/library systems. The patron may then use their home library card at the chosen libraries/library systems.

Circulating Materials to ME Patrons

Checking Out Material

When a ME Libraries patron borrows material from your library, ensure that a ME return flag is provided for each item.

Checking in Materials Borrowed from Non-TRAC Libraries

When returning materials (borrowed by ME patrons) to non-TRAC libraries you MUST INCLUDE A RETURN FLAG stating library returned at and date returned.

Adding ME Patrons to Polaris or Leap Manually

You may manually register a ME Patron in Polaris ONLY if the patron is under 18 or the ME Libraries site is experiencing technical difficulties.

  1. As the patron for their home library card and proof of address. *for libraries without patron expiry date such as Calgary Public Library, enter the expiration as one year from day you register them.
  2. If their library card is current, create a New Patron record in Polaris with all applicable information, including:
  • Birthdate
  • Registered at: MeLibrary Branch
  • Patron code: Reciprocal
  • Where they live: Not in the List

Contact your Library Services Consultant with any questions.