Library Staff Training

Marigold provides opportunities for training and professional development to support member library staff in growing their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Training is provided in-person at member libraries or Marigold Headquarters, by videoconference, or by webinar.

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Contact your Library Services Consultant or the Training & Communications Coordinator to schedule training sessions.

Polaris & Leap

Duration: 2 hours ea.

Polaris & Leap training are provided as "train the trainer". This training is provided for library management and/or senior staff members. It is then up to those trained staff members to provide training to new staff members.

Polaris is the ILS (Integrated Library System) shared by TRAC to perform library circulation, bibliographic, and reporting functions.

Polaris Manual

Leap is the web-based version of Polaris. Leap can be used in-library or at any location with wi-fi access (to facilitate outreach services).

Leap Manual

*additional training material, such as recorded webinars, is available on the Shared Drive.


Duration: 1 hour

SimplyReports is a program which gathers data from Polaris allowing library staff to create custom reports on patrons, holds, and items. SimplyReports provides more in-depth reporting options than are available through the reports section in desktop Polaris.

SimplyReports Quickstart Guide

No Shovel Required! Dig for Data with SimplyReports (recorded webinar)

Website Editing

Duration: 2.5 hours

This session introduces library staff to the website template and teaches how to create, edit, and maintain all sections. Customized tutorials on specific sections are also available (approx. 0.5 - 1 hour per section).

Website Manual


Duration: 2 hours

LibraryAware is an online tool designed to help libraries quickly create professional-looking marketing materials such as posters, flyers, bookmarks, social media posts, eNewsletters, and more.

Self-directed training is also available through live or recorded LibraryAware hosted webinars.

Customer Service
Good isn't Good Enough: Providing Stellar Customer Service Experiences

Duration: 1 hour

Customer service isn't about you, it's about your patrons. How do you provide them with the service experiences that make them feel appreciated and valued and keep them coming back again and again?

This session shows how to make it all about your patrons - because people don't remember services, they remember experiences.

Videoconference Equipment & RISE

Duration: 1 hour

This session teaches library staff all about your VC equipment, including troubleshooting, and how to use the equipment to participate in or host a RISE session.

Videoconference Equipment Complete User Guide

Bibliographic Services

Jessie Bach, Bibliographic Services Manager
403.934.5334 / 1.855.934.5334 (toll free) 
ext. 258

Contact Jessie to schedule training on bibliographic services:

  • using Collection HQ
  • adding paperbacks and periodicals to Polaris
  • what to look for in a good bibliographic record
  • volume control
  • record sets/bulk changes


Nancy Smith, Direct Services Clerk
403.934.5334 / 1.855.934.5334 (toll free) 
ext. 230

Contact Nancy to schedule training on using VDX to fill interlibrary (outside of TRAC) loan requests.

VDX Manual

VDX and New Barcodes

Gov't Courier Locations for ILL Delivery

Library Apps

Duration: 1.5 hours

Several library eResources are available for mobile use through free apps. This session will cover all of the library apps currently available for both iOS and Android. 

A selection of mobile devices will be provided for hands-on learning or staff is welcome to bring personal mobile devices to follow along.

eBooks for Kobo eReaders

Duration: 1.5 hours

Learn how to use the library's eBook services with a Kobo eReader.

Library eBooks can be downloaded to a PC and transferred to a Kobo eReader using Adobe Digital Editions free software.

Laptops and Kobo eReaders will be made available for hands-on learning, or staff is welcome to bring their personal laptops and Kobo eReaders to follow along.

Self-directed learning is available through Niche Academy online tutorials.

eBooks for Mobile Devices

Duration: 1.5 hours

Learn how to use the library's eBook services on mobile devices using free apps for iOS or Android.

A selection of mobile devices will be available for hands-on learning, or staff is welcome to bring personal mobile devices to follow along.

Self-directed learning is available through Niche Academy online tutorials.


Duration: 15 - 30 minutes ea. (excluding eBooks)

Learn how to use the many great eResources available to your patrons through Marigold and TRAC. 

Sessions can be combined according to your needs.

Self-directed learning is available through the Niche Academy staff site.

Other Opportunities

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