Annual Report Deadline: February 28, 2021

Feb 01, 2021

To all library managers:

Below is information to assist you in the completion of your annual report.  For quick reference, information has been added to the Marigold website here - click on annual report. 

Please remember to use the legal name of your library when completing the report, as PLSB will not accept the report if it is not filled out correctly and it could jeopardize the receipt of your provincial operating grantFor example:  City of Airdrie Library Board, Village of Delia Library Board, etc.

Community Libraries (Berry Creek, Bighorn, Carseland, Gleichen, Millarville and Rumsey), the date to submit the annual report to Marigold Headquarters is Monday, February 8. 

All Marigold library managers should have received a password and login for the LibPAS electronic portal.  The message was from, and the subject of the email was Access to LibPAS for the 2021 Survey and 2020 Annual Report.  If you are unsure of your password, you will need to contact Jen Anderson from PLSB.

Attached is the 2021 Survey and 2020 Annual Report – Reference Key. This is important to review to see what has changed from last year, such as:

    • Summarizing the impact of the pandemic on the library’s hours of opening.
    • Reporting on how the pandemic affected public library service delivery.

You can access LibPAS using the following URL:

**Please ensure to select the correct reporting year of 2020, as it may default to the previous year.

What is LibPAS?
LibPAS is a web-based tool used by PLSB (Public Library Services Branch) for administering the Survey/Annual Report, which is part of the application process for the annual provincial operating grant (for more information on this, please visit

To be considered eligible for funding, public library boards must submit four (4) documents as part of their grant application:

1. 2021 Public Library Survey and 2020 Annual Report of Public Libraries in Alberta

Direct link to LibPAS (data entry)

Deadline: FEBRUARY 28, 2021      

2. Fill out Application for Financial Assistance Form     

Available here when information has been updated

3. 2020 Statement of Receipts and Disbursements or financial review  (for municipal and intermunicipal library boards) and  2020 Direct Payments



Please note:  The Statement of Receipts and Disbursements/financial review must be completed by a person or firm considered acceptable by municipal council.

If the financial reviewer is not the same as the previous year, please include a copy of the council resolution authorizing the new person or firm as financial reviewer with your grant application.

Deadline: JUNE 15, 2021

4. 2021 Budget and 2021 Budget Direct Payments

Deadline: JUNE 15, 2021

In addition, the library board must receive a local appropriation from council of at least $2.00 per capita and be in compliance with the Libraries Act and Libraries Regulation.

Final application deadline is June 15, 2021 but applications will be processed as soon as they arrive. The application will not be considered to be complete if all documents are not received. If you have any questions regarding this grant, please phone Mari Scott at 780-415-0303 (Toll free through Service Alberta at 310-0000).

All forms (except those filled in using LibPAS) must be sent to Alberta Municipal Affairs Public Library Services Branch at the addresses below:

  • Electronic copy: Send as an email attachment to:
  • Paper copy - Send a signed copy to:

Alberta Municipal Affairs
Public Library Services Branch
803 Standard Life Centre
10405 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5J 4R7

 To officially submit your Annual Report to PLSB, a library board’s designated respondent (usually the library manager) must complete the following steps:

After you complete and save the survey, print a draft copy to present to your board.  Once the report has been approved by the board, enter the date in the apppropriate field and select the "Submit to PLSB" button.  Community Libraries do not need to Submit to PLSB the annual report.  After the survey is approved, the data can no longer be modified by your library.  If you need to reopen  the survey after the data is submitted and approved, contact Jen Anderson at PLSB to make any final changes on your behalf.  Her email is

If there are any outstanding edit checks, you will not be able to submit your data.  You must then answer all required questions, correct any data errors and/or provide explanatory notes about why the data is acceptable. 

Information about the Public library board survey and annual report is located below from the PLSB website: 

How to fill out Annual Report Sections:

Each library can print the statistics for circulation, cardholders and library holdings in Polaris using Custom Reports – Annual Report. Select begin date January 1, 2020 at 12:00am and end December 31, 2020 at 11:59:59pm.    Please note that if you have difficulty running the Custom – Annual Report, please contact your consultant who can run the report on your behalf. 

Note: Marigold will be purging patrons that have been expired for over two years (since December 31, 2019) and have less than $10 in fines after the annual report period in early March. Your cardholder numbers will be correct when you use the Custom Report. Marigold IT staff will send a notice to each member library once the patron purge has been completed.

Collections/Resources - Online/Electronic (licensed by your Board) – Please do not fill in this section unless you purchase databases or digital media beyond what Marigold, TRAC and TAL provides.  If you provide additional funding to Marigold for eBooks or transfer funding from your materials allocation, please indicate the amount.

Circulation - Direct Circulation - Virtual – Attached is the Flipster, Overdrive, RBDigital and hoopla circulation for your library for 2020.  Include your library statistics in this section.  Many libraries do not report this data which results in libraries losing out on circulation that you have earned throughout the year.

*All other digital media is reported by Marigold on behalf of the member libraries as it is not broken down by specific library location. 

Circulation - Interlibrary Loan - within Alberta, including within library system (TRAC) -  Use Polaris – Custom Reports – Annual Report for this section.  This report generates Inter/Intra Library loan statistics for TRAC and includes renewals.   The annual report has been modified a bit to make it clearer about indicating TRAC and Alberta in one section, Canada and beyond are also separate interlibrary loan categories.

Circulation - Interlibrary Loan – Outside of Alberta, but within Canada  – Attached VDX statistics (Jan-Mar 2020) plus adding columns from custom annual report.

Circulation - Interlibrary Loan - outside of Canada - Attached VDX statistics (Jan-Mar 2020) plus adding columns from custom annual report.

Library Use - Virtual Visits – Please use information that was shared by Caleigh Haworth regarding website visits for your library.

Public Wi-Fi Sessions – Number of public wi-fi sessions – Use the attached Monthly Wireless Report for this section.

COMMUNITY LIBRARIES (Berry Creek, Millarville, Gleichen, Carseland, Bighorn, Rumsey):  for community libraries, the annual report needs to be filled out and submitted to Marigold Headquarters no later than Monday, February 8, 2021.  This allows Marigold time to combine the reports and submit as one to Public Library Services Branch.

If you have questions about the annual report, please contact your Marigold Consultant. Please submit all requested documents to the Public Library Services Branch before the deadline and send copies of all forms to Marigold Headquarters.

Please note that Jen Anderson is also providing webinars to go over what the Survey and Annual Report is, and how to use LibPas.  If you have never completed the annual report or require a refresher, I encourage you to participate in one of the annual report sessions.   An email from Jen Anderson was sent to libraries with the links to the training dates.

Please contact your Consultant for assistance or if you require clarification or require assistance.

Laura Taylor, Deputy CEO
403.934.5334, ext. 242