Marigold's Vision

MISSION: Marigold cultivates a collaborative and inclusive library community to support a range of responsive, quality library services


VISION: Leaders in library service and innovation

While change is in the forecast for Marigold's future, our commitment to excellence and our support for quality library services will not waver.

– Lynda Lyster, Marigold Board Chair

Building an Empowered Future for Marigold

Marigold’s Vision 2020 elevates community engagement, service excellence and operational efficiencies. Marigold has embarked on two significant projects that will bolster Marigold’s capacity to innovate and deliver public library services:

  1. New headquarters building — A major focus for Marigold for the next few years will be working with the WID (Western Irrigation District) in the planning, development and construction of a new, co-owned and co-located facility in Strathmore. Read about our project
  2. New website platform for Marigold and for its members — Improved work spaces in both our physical and virtual worlds will empower us to fully support our municipal members. This is an unparalleled opportunity to build our future for public library service for Marigold members and for public libraries throughout Alberta. 

Scheduled launch of Marigold headquarters new website is August 1, 2019.

Going forward and into 2020 Marigold will continue to collaborate and develop partnerships, identify and develop responsive programs for member libraries and provide top library service to residents.