RISE Network

At 80 public libraries across Alberta, you can engage and interact with live presenters, learn new skills, book meetings, and more, all through videoconference technology. Launched in 2009 by Chinook Arch, Marigold, and Shortgrass Regional Library Systems, the RISE Network enhances local library service by connecting regions serving over 500,000 people.
The RISE Network (originally the Rural Information Services Initiative), links eighty libraries and five library system headquarters via a sophisticated, secure network.

Check out the calendar of upcoming RISE presentations: http://risenetwork.ca/calendar-date 


VC Equipment - Complete Guide + Troubleshooting

Visual Guide to VC (videoconference) Equipment Cabling

How to Host a RISE Session at Your Library

How to Register Your Library for a RISE Session

Videoconferencing Monitoring Schedule

  • For technical assistance with your RISE equipment, please contact Marigold IT Services support@marigold.ab.ca
  • For assistance registering your library for RISE sessions, or with questions about hosting, please contact your Library Services Consultant