About Us

Marigold is...
...a municipal collaborative with 43 municipal councils plus one Special Areas Board in south-central Alberta providing progressive library services for 290,263 residents. Headquarters is located in Strathmore, Alberta, Canada.

Marigold has 36 member public libraries and one outlet and also maintains 12 book deposits (paperback deposits) located in small communities. Residents can borrow from a deposit collection, which includes best sellers. Gently used books may be donated to the deposit by community members.  The deposits work on an honour system.

This map shows the location of Member Libraries and Book Deposits within Marigold's region.

Creating shared value
Marigold recognizes that participating municipalities and member libraries have varying service requirements, and Marigold delivers services accordingly. The guiding principle behind Marigold is to pool resources in order to ensure a positive return on investment, regardless of the size of the municipality.

For more information about Marigold Library System, please call 1-855-934-5334 or 403-934-5334 or visit the contact us page.