Paperback Deposits

Marigold prepares and maintains 11 book deposits (sometimes called Paperback Deposits) located in small communities. Residents do not require a library card to borrow from a deposit collection, which includes best sellers. Gently used books may be donated by community members.
Book deposits work on the honour system. This map shows the location of Paperback Deposits within Marigold's region.

1.  Altario Paperback Deposit:   Open Monday - Friday 9:00 - 3:30
Location: Altario School
Contact: Kari Evans - Telephone: 403-552-3828

2.  Benchlands Paperback Deposit:   Open every day
Location: Ghost River Firehall
Contact: Linda Lavis - Telephone: 403-851-3511

3.  Blackie Paperback Deposit:  Open Monday and Wednesday 2:00pm - 4:00pm, Saturday 10:00am - 12:00pm
Location: 210 Aberdeen Street
Library:  403-684-3688 
Check out the Blackie Community website

4.  Buffalo Paperback Deposit:  Hours: open when there is a function at the hall
Location: Buffalo Community Hall, SE30-21-5,W4
Contact: Gail Andrus - Telephone: 403-379-2405

5.  Renée Schleussing Memorial Library (Ghost Lake):  Open all the time
Location: Community Building
Contact: Christine Boyd - 403-881-3934
or Sharon Cockx  403-881-3934
Check out the  Ghost Lake Summer Village

6.  Jenner Paperback Deposit: Lobby always open
Location: Post Office #4 Railway North, 403-898-2552
Contact: Debbie Hanson - Telephone: 403-633-1781

7. Kananaskis Paperback Deposit:  Open Tues,Wed,Thur 8:30-6:00
Location: Village Center, on Sparrowhawk Cresc.
Contact: Connie Neilsen - Telephone: 403-591-7555
More about Kananaskis ID

8.  New Brigden Paperback Deposit:  Open whenever rink is open to public
Location: Curling Rink  403-664-2491
Contact: Laurie Code - Telephone: 403-664-2048  403-664-0117
9.  Priddis Paperback Deposit: Open Tuesday and Friday 3:00 to 5:00
Location: Old School House Building
Contact: Arlene Jelfs - Telephone: 403-931-3750
Find more about Priddis

10.  Rosebud Paperback Deposit:   Open whenever hall is open 
Location: Rosebud Museum
Contact: Vera Lynne Comstock - Telephone: 403-820-1666
Check out the community of Rosebud with its School of the Arts and Rosebud Theatre!

11.  Torrington Paperback Deposit: 
Open Tuesday 2:00 - 6:00
Location: Ron Gorr Memorial Arena - south end
Contact:  Susan MacKenzie - Telephone 403-631-3700
Visit Torrington's famous Gopher Museum

updated March 2019